Group & Individual Advising


To provide the best guidance to students and alumni, Health Careers Advising offers information sessions, group and individual advising that address all aspects of the preparation for study and careers in health and medicine. To make the best use of the resources at your disposal we invite you to follow these steps. 

STEP 1 All newly-admitted students interested in the health professions attend the Health Careers session during Orientation week. 

STEP 2 First-Year and Sophomore students start by attending the information sessions for their respective class years. Juniors, Seniors and Alumni preparing for the application process attend the applicant seminars during the academic year leading to their application.

STEP 3 We encourage all students to attend the Health Careers Advising Bonanza offered four times per year at the beginning of each semester and just before course registration period.  A number of other health careers programs are offered throughout the year. 

STEP 4 Individual advising is available with the Health Careers Peer Advisors, George Vassilev and Anje Lee. Students can visit us during the open hours posted below. Although George Vassilev and Anja Lee can meet with any student, we ask First-Year and Sophomore students to meet with Anja Lee and Juniors, Seniors and Alumni, with George Vassilev. We are also available via E-mail. If you would like input from both George Vassilev and Anja Lee, please copy both of us on the same email. For general questions email [email protected] 

STEP 5 Students and alumni who are unable to visit during open hours may schedule a brief in-person or phone appointment by contacting Kathy Toro-Ibanez. Appointments are only scheduled for students who have completed their Health Careers Portfolios and alumni far from campus.

Open Hours Spring 2020 (January 21- May 14)


  • Beginning Tuesday, March 17 George Vassilev and Anja Lee will hold open hours through Zoom. Click on the Zoom link that corresponds to the particular open hours time block below. We will talk with the students in the Zoom waiting room in the order in which they enter. 
  • Zoom Hours with George Vassilev extended through May 21


Anja Lee- First-Year and Sophomore Students
Tuesdays 12pm- 2pm  George Vassilev- Juniors, Seniors, and Alumni
Wednesdays 10am-12pm  George Vassilev- Juniors, Seniors, and Alumni

Anja Lee- First-Year and Sophomore Students

Anja Lee- First-Year and Sophomore Students
Thursdays 1pm- 2pm  George Vassilev- Juniors, Seniors and Alumni


 George Vassilev 

[email protected]

Associate Dean of the College,

Director of Pre-Professional Advising Center



Anja Lee

[email protected]

Health Careers Advisor

Pre-Professional Advising



Kathy Toro-Ibanez

[email protected]

Program Coordinator for

Pre-Professional Advising




Health Careers Peer Advisors