Group & Individual Advising


To provide the best guidance to students and alumni, Health Careers Advising offers information sessions, group and individual advising that address all aspects of the preparation for study and careers in health and medicine.  

STEP 1 All newly-admitted students interested in the health professions attend the Health Careers session during Orientation week.

STEP 2 First-Year and Sophomore students start by attending the information sessions for their respective class years. Juniors, Seniors and Alumni preparing for the application process attend the applicant seminars during the academic year leading to their application.

STEP 3 We encourage all students to attend the Health Careers Advising Bonanza offered every semester at the beginning of the course registration period. A number of other health careers programs are offered throughout the year. 

STEP 4 Individual advising is available with the Health Careers Peer Advisors, George Vassilev and Karen Whittet. Students can visit us during the office hours posted below. Although Karen Whittet and George Vassilev can meet with any student, we ask First-Year and Sophomore students to meet with Karen Whittet and Juniors, Seniors and Alumni, with George Vassilev. We are also available via E-mail. For general questions E-mail 

STEP 5 Students and alumni who are unable to visit during office hours may schedule a brief in-person or phone appointment by contacting Kathy Toro. Appointments are only scheduled for students who have completed their Health Careers Portfolios and alumni far from campus.

OPEN HOURS SUMMER 2017 (May 17, 2017- on)

NOTE: Open hours during the summer are dedicated predominantly to the needs of the juniors, seniors and alumni applying to health professions programs. 

NOTE: July 19 open hours will be covered by Anja Lee instead of George Vassilev. Current health professions schools applicants with urgent questions are welcome to email George Vassilev. 

Wednesday 1pm- 3pm J. W. Wilson 313 George Vassilev- walk-in or phone-in
Thursday 1 pm- 3pm  J. W. Wilson 313 Anja Lee- walk-n or phone-in


 George Vassilev

Associate Dean of the College,

Director of Pre-Professional Advising Center



Anja Lee

Health Careers Advisor

Pre-Professional Advising



Kathy Toro

Program Coordinator for

Pre-Professional Advising




Health Careers Peer Advisors