Meiklejohn Leadership

Meiklejohn Leadership Committee: 2021-2022

The Meiklejohn Leadership Committee is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Meiklejohn Program. They also help chart the program's broader direction and ensure a close connection between the program's underlying philosophy and Meik events and trainings. Leadership works closely with Dean Yolanda Rome and the Dean of the College Office, acting as the liaison between the Meiklejohn general body and University Hall.

Ashley Chon '23Ashley Chon '23
Connor Jenkins '22Connor Jenkins '22
Grace Johnson '22Grace Johnson '22

Isaac Jenemann '23.5Isaac Jenemann '23.5

Jordan Cheung '24Jordan Cheung '24
Kaylah Brown '23Kaylah Brown '23
Kira Bierly '23.5Kira Bierly '23.5
Lanie Cherry '24Lanie Cherry '24
Rushane Dunn '23Rushane Dunn '23
Sam Caplan '22Sam Caplan '22
Tiffany Chan '23Tiffany Chan '23
Whitney Yu '22Whitney Yu '22