Application Process

How can I apply to become a Meiklejohn? 
All Brown undergraduate students are eligible to apply to become a Meik. If you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior with an interest in applying to be a Meik, we highly encourage you to enroll in UNIV 0123: A Practical Introduction to Peer Advising. Students who successfully complete UNIV 0123 receive preference in the Meiklejohn Peer Advisor application process. 

Applications are usually released in late February/early March. Please consult this website, our Instagram page (@meiklegram), or Today@Brown for more information. 

Who reviews Meiklejohn applications? 
Meiklejohn Leadership reviews all Meiklejohn applications. 

What should I include in my Meiklejohn application?
While there is no rubric needed to become a Meiklejohn, we encourage applicants to demonstrate authenticity, passion, and any relevant experiences in their application. Don’t hesitate to share your personality and tell a story in your application! 

How can I apply to become a Meiklejohn Leader? 
Only accepted Meiklejohns are eligible to apply for the Meiklejohn Leadership position. Shortly after posting offers are released for the Meiklejohn Peer Advisor position, new and returning Meiklejohns will receive an email providing instructions on how to apply for the Meiklejohn Leader position. 

Who reviews Meiklejohn Leadership applications? 
Meiklejohn Leadership and staff members of The College review all Meiklejohn Leadership applications. 

What should I include in my Meiklejohn Leader application? 
The application for the Meiklejohn Leadership position is comprised of two parts: an asynchronous application and a virtual interview. Similar to the Meiklejohn Peer Advisor application, we encourage candidates to express personality, authenticity, and passion for peer advising and leadership in their Meiklejohn Leadership application. Since the Meiklejohn Leadership position necessitates participation as a TA for UNIV 0123 in addition to regular leadership duties within the Meiklejohn Program, applicants are encouraged to address both position responsibilities in their application. 

Information for Meiks

What resources are available for me as a Meiklejohn? 
As a Meiklejohn, you have a plethora of resources at your disposal! First and foremost, the Meiklejohn Handbook provides an in-depth overview and explanation of position expectations and responsibilities. This document, accessible to all Meiklejohns, offers a list of resources and tips to ensure an effective advising experience.  

In addition to the Meiklejohn Handbook, we encourage you to take advantage of your resources on campus. Your Meiklejohn Leader will send weekly communication with tips and resources, organize training sessions, and conduct progress check-ins. Meiklejohn Leaders also maintain close connections with College Deans and administrators, so if they are unable to help you directly, they will likely know how and where to transfer your question to someone with more expertise. 

In addition to your Meiklejohn Leader, we encourage all Meiklejohns to take advantage of their faculty advising partnership throughout their peer advising experience. Many faculty peer advisors offer a fresh perspective, so we encourage you to utilize your faculty advising partnership to problem-solve and create a more holistic peer advising experience. 

Lastly, we encourage you to take advantage of the Meiklejohn community at large. Do not hesitate to reach out to Meiklejohns in and outside of your Meiklejohn Peer Advising Group for help.  

What do I do if my advisee has a question that I cannot answer? 
We strongly encourage you to utilize the resources above if you come across a question you cannot answer. Chances are, someone on this campus will be able to help you and your advisee!

How can I organize a group meal with my advisees? 
All Meiklejohns are required to organize a group meal with their first-year advisees throughout the beginning of the fall semester and anytime during the second semester. There are 3 main avenues towards organizing the group meal: 1) Faculty Club, 2) $15 reimbursement, 3) Dining Hall 

1) Faculty Club

  • If you are interested in organizing a meal at the Faculty Club, you can do so once every semester. You or your faculty advising partner can schedule a reservation through ASK or by calling the Faculty Club [(401) 863-3023]. Please note that the reservation must exist under your faculty advisor’s name and your faculty advisor must be present during the meal in order to dine. Funds are fully covered by Brown. 

2) $15 Reimbursement

  • Meiklejohns and faculty advisors have the option to organize their advisory group meal at any off-campus eatery, so long as the cost does not exceed $15 per person. To request reimbursement, have your advising partner complete the Academic Advisor Meal Form and bring the form and their receipt to University Hall to be reimbursed for up to $15 per person in attendance. Your advising partner must be present at the meal for you to get reimbursed. 

3) Dining Hall

  • All Meiklejohns can get a meal with their advisees at one of the many dining halls on campus, either with or without their faculty advising partner. We advise Meiklejohns to find a quiet, intimate section in the dining hall to optimize conversation. 


To find out more about the program, contact [email protected] or Associate Dean of the College for Class-Year Advising, Dean Shaunté Montgomery.