GELT Courses

The following courses will be offered during Academic Year 2017-18. Please see Courses@Brown for more information about each course. 

Wintersession 2017

Decolonizing Museums: Collecting Indigenous Culture in Taiwan & North America
Travel Component: Taiwan in January 2018
Course Instructor: Caroline Frank

HIV/AIDS in Diverse Settings: Focus on Israel
Travel Component: Israel in January 2018 
Course Instructor: Rami Kantor

Living & Material Landscapes of the African Diaspora
Travel Component: Barbados in January 2018
Course Instructor: Itohan Osayimwese

Spring 2018

Berlin: Architecture, Memory, & Politics
Travel Component: Berlin in March 2018 (Spring Recess)
Course Instructor: Dietrich Neumann


Past GELT-Funded Courses
Past courses have been showcased in 
News from Brown, the Brown Daily Herald, and the Taipei Times

Year Course Title Country
2017 Advanced Egyptian Arabic: Displacement and Diaspora in a Modernizing Egypt Egypt
2017 Critical Approaches to Global Humanitarianism in Thailand Thailand
2017 Settler Colonialism & US Military Empire in the Pacific Hawai'i
2017 The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: Contested Narratives
2016 Anthropology of Displacement and Refugees in the Middle East Jordan
2016 Philosophy & Practice of Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhism Japan
Cities, Colonies and Global Networks in the Western Mediterranean Spain
2015 Global Tectonics Argentina
2015 Brazil Under Vargas: Shaping a Nation Brazil
2015 Local & Global Community Engagement to Reduce Health Disparities Ghana & Brazil
2015 Berlin: Architecture, Politics and Memory Germany
2015 Special Topics in Playwriting: Guhahamuka Rwanda & Uganda
2015 International Journalism Nicaragua
2015 The Medieval Monastery France
2015 The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: Contested Narratives Israel/Palestine
2014 Climate & Development Lab Peru