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Applicants must:

  • Be salaried members of the Brown faculty. All regular members of the Brown faculty are eligible. Non-regular faculty members must be paid by Brown (i.e., not an independent contractor) and must have an appointment term that extends through the expected semester of course travel. 
  • Plan to develop and teach the proposed course (Group Independent Study Projects (GISPs) will not be considered for funding).
  • Have experience with teaching or conducting research in the proposed host country.
  • Demonstrate established relationships with colleagues at a university, cultural/historical organization, NGO, for-profit, or government entity in the proposed host country.
  • Adhere to Brown's Travel Warning Policy.

Preference will be given to faculty who have experience leading an education abroad course and to faculty who are able to communicate in the language of the host country.

Repeat GELT Applications: Unsuccessful applicants are welcome to re-apply during any cycle. Applicants who have already received GELT Phase II funding cannot re-apply in the year immediately following their GELT course implementation, but may do so after one year has passed. Priority may be given to first-time applicants.

Application Process

Applications for Phase I and Phase II GELT grants have been suspended for 2020-2021. Please select the appropriate phase on the initial page of the application. 

*Note: Applicants who are interested in offering a destination course during Wintersession must apply via the Wintersession application.

Phase I - Curriculum Development
This option is best for faculty who need time and resources to fully develop the international component of the course. Important: Recipients of a Phase I grant must commit to applying for a Phase II grant in the following year. Phase I recipients from the current year will apply for Phase II funding in the next cycle offer the course during the subsequent academic year.

Phase I Selection Criteria & Application Rubric

Application Deadline: Suspended for 2020-21

Phase II - Course Implementation
This option is best for faculty who have developed a strong international component and want to offer the course during the following Fall, Wintersession, or Spring term. Applicants may apply directly to Phase II if Phase I funding and development is not needed. 

Phase II Selection Criteria & Application Rubric

Application Deadline: Suspended for 2020-21.

Application Components
  • Syllabus
  • Travel Component Rationale (1-2 pages)
  • Statement of Experience in Country (1 page)
  • Sample Itinerary
  • Budget
  • Letter(s) of Support (Department Chair)
  • Phase II Only: Student Application Process + Host Country Letter

 Sample Application Documents

Note: More guidance will be provided within the online applications regarding what the proposal and budget should include. These samples are intended merely as a reference.

Payment of Grant Funds

Grant funds will be managed by a College financial analyst, who will work closely with awardees to dispense and reconcile funds.

Phase I funds will be made available to faculty as they finalize details for their course development travel.

Phase II funds will be made available during the semester immediately preceding the course implementation. Faculty are required to adhere to the post-selection requirements listed below as a condition of their course funding. Faculty and participating students with on-site expenses can request a travel advance before departure.  

Overview of Faculty Responsibilities

  • Work with the Assistant Director of Curricular Programs to develop an application process for undergraduate students.
  • Design itinerary.
  • Make travel arrangements.
  • Assist students with their visa applications, when required.
  • Ensure the travel component fits the course learning objectives.
  • Schedule a pre-departure health and safety orientation and lead an on-site orientation.
  • Prepare and, if necessary, implement an emergency action plan.
  • Support students with both academic and personal needs for the duration of the program.

Phase II Post-Selection Requirements

  • Submit the syllabus to the course proposal system with an instructor override required and a cap of 12 undergraduate students.
  • Upload the near-final syllabus to for student access via [email protected]
  • Determine an application process for interested students in collaboration with the Assistant Director of Curricular Programs.
  • Make travel arrangements through FCm (preferred agency). Note: The College does not assist with travel arrangements or with visa applications.
  • Complete a Health and Safety Orientation with the Assistant Director of Curricular Programs.
  • Along with the Assistant Director of Curricular Programs, provide a Pre-Departure Orientation for students.
  • Confirm that travelers will be covered by Brown's international health insurance plan.
  • Ensure students are enrolled in TravelSafe, Brown's global travel registry. Students will sign travel waivers as part of their enrollment in TravelSafe.

Phase II Post-Trip Requirements

  • Complete a final report of the GELT course.
  • Submit a budget summary.

Contact Information

For questions not addressed on the website, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].