Study Away from Brown and Transfer Credit

Students may study away from Brown with permission from a Degree Completion Dean in the Office of the Dean of the College.  Domestic study away options include: Study Away in the United States at another regionally accredited college or university, Home Country Study Away for F-1 Students at a college or university in their country of permanent residence, study at Tougaloo College through the Brown-Tougaloo Partnership Semester Exchange Program, study at Wheaton College through Brown-Wheaton Cross-Registration, and study at RISD through Brown-RISD Cross-Registration.  In addition to these domestic study away options, students may explore study abroad opportunities.  This includes Brown programs, Brown-approved programs, and other programs by student petition.  Study abroad information is available on the Office of International Programs website

Study Away Options & Transfer Credits

With the appropriate permissions, Brown students are allowed to earn credit at other colleges and universities as part of their degree completion plans.  Whether pre- or post-matriculation coursework, Brown does not award transfer credits for courses taken at non-regionally accredited institutions in the United States or the international equivalent. Brown requires the institution to be either a regionally-accredited 2-year or 4-year degree-granting college/university in the United States or international equivalent in a F-1 visa student’s home country (as established by the student’s primary residence and/or country of citizenship).  There are no institutions with which Brown has an established articulation agreement for transfer credit.   To receive transfer credit, the host institution and each course must be evaluated for transfer eligibility per Brown's transfer credit guidelines. Students are responsible for reviewing these guidelines thoroughly before studying away, and must obtain the appropriate approvals in ASK.  An official transcript must be sent to the Brown Registrar. Without the aforementioned, courses taken elsewhere will not transfer. 

Citizens and permanent residents of the United States may seek permission from the College to study at a regionally accredited two- or four-year college or university in the United States.  For more information contact Dean Julie Lee.   

Students studying on F-1 visas may seek permission to study at a two- or four-year institution in their home countries.  For more information contact Dean Asabe Poloma.

Students who study away enroll directly at their host institutions.  A maximum of 15 course credits may be earned via transfer credit and applied towards undergraduate Brown degree requirements.  Part II of the Writing Requirement can not be completed with a study away course.  Approval to use a non-Brown course to satisfy a concentration requirement is not the same as approval for transfer credit. In order to use a study away course as a substitute for a concentration requirement,  a student must obtain separate approval from their concentration advisor. This approval can be requested and recorded in the student's concentration declaration as part of their course plan (see additional information below).  

Concentration Approval for Non-Brown Work

Subject to a concentration advisor's approval, students may substitute non-Brown work for concentration requirements, whether that work appears on the student's internal record or not.  In addition to transfer credit from approved study away courses, other examples might include approved study-abroad courses, a summer internship completed as part of a professional track, capstone, or an Engaged Scholars Program practicum. Transfer credit (as defined above) is not required to grant concentration credit; your concentration advisor can recognize outside work that does not appear on your Brown transcript for concentration requirements.  However, some concentration advisors may make concentration credit approval conditional upon whether or not the work appears on your internal record and/or has been approved for transfer credit, so students are advised to consult with their concentration advisor for specific policies. Students and concentration advisors may find instructions for incorporating non-Brown work into a student's concentration course plan in the Information Technology ASK knowledgebase

Tougaloo Exchange Program

Brown's connection with Tougaloo, an historically black college in Jackson, Mississippi, began in 1964, when activists from Brown traveled to Jackson to help in the struggle for civil rights. Since then, the two schools have developed a number of programs designed to expand educational and service opportunities for Brown and Tougaloo students, faculty, and staff. A semester-long student exchange program, which supports study away at the partner institution for a semester is among them.  Interested students should speak with Nirva LaFortune.

Wheaton Cross-Registration Program

Wheaton College is a small liberal arts college located in Norton, Massachusetts, approximately 20 miles from Brown. A cross-registration agreement allows Brown students to take courses at Wheaton that are not available at Brown, such as courses in elementary and secondary education. 

Wheaton's course offerings can be viewed through their online course catalog and schedule. Applications for cross-registration must be submitted by the end of the second week of any given semester at Brown. Interested students should speak with Dean Julie Lee

RISD Cross-Registration Program

All Brown students have the option of taking studio art courses at the renowned Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), adjacent to Brown on College Hill.

For more information, see

Additional Information on Brown's Transfer Credit Policies

For more information on Brown's study away transfer credit policies for any Brown student considering taking courses elsewhere, please visit:  For more information on Brown's transfer credit policies for incoming transfer students, please visit: 

Note: Outside of college courses taken at a regionally accredited college or university by transfer students, Brown does not provide transfer credit for prior learning experiences, with the exception of international certificate programs/exam (  Students who wish to seek transfer credit for pre-Brown college or university courses or international certificate programs/exams may only do so after becoming sophomores and if they need course credits in order to complete graduation requirements.