Curricular Options -- at Brown

Every year Brown offers nearly 2000 courses in forty-five different departments. Special curricular programs allow students to create their own courses under the supervision of a Brown faculty member, to take courses at the Rhode Island School of Design, and to study abroad or at another institution in the United States. 

Course Tools

A suite of online tools helps students navigate Brown's extensive course offerings. Students may search Brown's course offerings at Courses @ Brown, where they will find a wealth of information about each course and be able to download syllabi. At the beginning of each term during shopping period, students can access materials for most courses in Canvas, Brown's course management system.

Registering for Courses

Course registration is a two-fold process at Brown.  The pre-registration period, which takes place in November and April each year, allows students to plan ahead and to obtain robust advising about course selection for the next term. Students make final decisions about their courses during the first two weeks of the semester. All course registration takes place through Courses @ Brown. Information about registration deadlines is available on the Registrar's website.

Auditing Courses

Auditing a course allows a student the opportunity to take a course without receiving credit. Audits appear on the official transcript, but they do not count toward academic standing or the 30 course requirement for graduation. Audits are at the discretion of course instructors, who may require students to complete all assignments for their courses. Students should consult with a dean or their advisor about the desirability of auditing a course.

Vagabonding Courses

"Vagabonding" is the process of sitting in a course without officially registering either for credit or as auditors. Like audits, vagabonding is at the discretion of the instructor. However, unlike audits, vagabonding does not appear on the official transcript or anywhere.