Accelerated Graduation

Normally, Brown undergraduates complete degree requirements in eight semesters of full-time study. Students who have met all degree requirements and who wish to graduate in seven semesters may petition the Committee on Academic Standing if they meet the criteria described below. Students who are approved for accelerated graduation by the Committee on Academic Standing must still meet Brown’s eight-semester enrollment requirement by paying the tuition charge for the eighth semester. 

  • Academic performance - The student must be in good academic standing and have passed two-thirds of courses with  grades of "A" or "S with distinction."
  • Breadth of study - The student’s program of study at Brown includes courses that are consistent with the goals of a liberal education. In particular, the student has taken courses that range across the humanities, social sciences, and physical and life sciences. At least 14 courses must be completed outside of the concentration area.
  • Depth of study - The student has taken a number of courses beyond the introductory level in disciplines outside of their concentration’s division. For example, a student concentrating in physics will have taken at least two 1000-level courses in the humanities, social sciences, or life sciences. 
  • Compelling educational or professional opportunity - Students must demonstrate that they have an offer of matriculation to professional or graduate school, a fellowship award, or an immediate employment opportunity that would otherwise be lost or denied if they do not accelerate their graduation.

    Students meeting these criteria who wish to accelerate graduation must meet with Dean Christopher Dennis no later than their sixth term of study. If Dean Dennis approves a petition to the Committee on Academic Standing, the student must write a letter explaining their reasons for requesting accelerated graduation and describing how their situation conforms to the criteria enumerated above. The deadline for submitting a petition for accelerated graduating is mid-term of the student's seventh semester.