Advanced Standing

To earn a Brown undergraduate degree, students are normally expected to complete eight semesters of enrollment. Students may advance their standing, and thus complete the degree in fewer than eight semesters, if they have approved Advanced Placement (AP) exam scores, international certificate program exam credits, or college credits from an approved program of study at another institution.

Students who earn from three to six course credits through pre-Brown college-level work are eligible for one semester of advanced standing and one semester of enrollment credit. Credits for international exam scores, AP scores, and pre-Brown college courses may be combined if all the credits are earned prior to matriculation at Brown.

Qualifying exam scores from approved international certification programs may carry both course credit and enrollment credit. Advanced Placement (AP) credits do not carry course credit and therefore do not count toward the minimum number of courses needed to earn a Brown degree. This means that students who use AP credits for advanced standing are required to earn thirty Brown course credits in a shorter amount of time than the standard eight-semester sequence.

Deadlines to Apply for Advanced Standing

In order to allow adequate time for students to familiarize themselves with Brown and to examine the impact of advanced standing on their academic plans, students may not apply for advanced standing before their third semester in residence at Brown. (Transfer students may request advanced standing in their second semester at Brown if circumstances warrant doing so.)   Requests for one semester of advanced standing must be received no later than the end of the fifth semester standing. This deadline applies to all requests for advanced standing based on credits for international exam scores, AP scores, and pre-Brown college courses.