Changing Course Registration

Students may drop and add courses using [email protected], the online registration system, for the first two weeks of a semester without charge. Course additions made in weeks 3 and 4 require the instructor's signature and are assessed a fee for each change. Students are not allowed to add a course to their schedule after the first four weeks of the term.

Students may drop a course until the last day of classes, although courses dropped after the second week of classes remain on the student's Internal Academic Record only (not the official transcript). Beginning in the fall semester 2018, students on Serious Warning who wish to drop a course in the last four weeks of the term must meet with an academic dean for an advising conversation about the student's reasons for dropping the course, any available resources that could aid the student, and potential alternative pathways for meeting remaining degree requirements. After this advising conversation, the academic dean will provide the student with a "drop code," which the student can use to drop the course. 

Students who change their course registration are advised to check their course registration, including their selected grade options, a day or two later to make sure that their online course registration reflects the changes they intended to make.