Changing Course Registration

Students may add and drop courses using Banner, Brown's online registration system, for the first two weeks of a semester without charge. Courses may be added during the third and fourth weeks of a semester with the course instructor's written permission. First-year students also need their advisor's signature to add a course during weeks 3 or 4. The last day to add a course is the end of the fourth week of classes.

To add a course in weeks 3 or 4, students file a course add form with the required signatures in the Registrar's office (Room 318, J. Walter Wilson). A small fee is assessed for each course added. Students are given a copy of each course add form filed, which they should keep in a readily available location in the event there is any question that they filed the required forms.

Students who change their course registration in Banner are advised to check their course registration, including their selected grade options, a day or two later to make sure that their online course registration reflects the changes they intended to make.