Exam Excuses

Spring 2021 Guidance for Final Exam Absence Requests:

If students have an emergent medical or personal emergency at the time of a final exam, they may request an excused absence by emailing [email protected]; a dean trained in reviewing these requests will reach out to the student to discuss their situation and potentially grant an ABS. Please note that students' travel plans are never an excuse for missing a final exam. If a student is granted an ABS, students and instructors may work together to find a mutually convenient time for the makeup exam between the beginning of the summer term and the end of shopping period in the fall term. (See pertinent Faculty Rules below.) 

Faculty Rules pertaining to final examinations:
The student will be permitted to take a Special Examination administered by the Registrar in accordance with the provisions in the Faculty Rules for such examinations, unless other arrangements are agreed to by the instructor and the student, and communicated to the Registrar.”

General Guidance for Exam Absence Requests:

The dates of final exams are fixed by the Registrar so that students will not be scheduled to take multiple exams in the same time block. Unless a course does not have a scheduled final exam, students are required to take their exams at the designated time.

The Dean of the College office is solely responsible for determining whether a student's absence from a final examination is excused. Faculty wishing to grant a student an exam excuse may contact Deans Gail Cohee, Carol Cohen, and Yolanda Rome, the deans authorized to grant exam excuses. Please note that students' travel plans are never an excuse for missing a final exam. In emergency situations, students who are unable to contact their professors must contact one of the authorized deans. The dean will determine whether or not an exam excuse is warranted.

Acceptable reasons for authorizing a postponement of a final examination are 1) serious illness at the time the exam is being administered (i.e., illness sufficiently serious to warrant a visit to Health Services or other health professional); 2) grave family or personal emergency; and 3) conflict of exam times as scheduled by the Registrar’s Office. Course instructors are notified of exam excuses granted by the Dean of the College office.

For the Spring and Summer 2021 terms, make-up exams for approved exam excuses are arranged at the discretion of the course instructor. Students are responsible for checking their email for communications regarding scheduled make-up exams. 

An excused absence from a final exam appears on the academic record as an ABS next to the course for which an exam excuse has been approved. These courses count toward academic standing at the beginning of the subsequent term. If a make-up exam is not completed, or the student fails the course after taking the make-up exam, the ABS will change to an NC (no credit), and the student’s academic standing will be adjusted accordingly.

Information about exam conflicts due to a students' religious observance is available here.