Late Course Registration

Students may add and drop courses using Banner, Brown's online registration system, for the first two weeks of a semester without charge. Course changes made during the third and fourth weeks of a semester must be made in person at the Registrar's Office; a fee is assessed for each change. An instructor override is needed to drop a course in these two weeks. The last day to add a course is the end of the fourth week of classes.

Students adding a course after the beginning of a semester should check with the instructor to determine whether or not they will be allowed to complete assignments required before their date of enrollment.

First-year students should contact their academic advisor to discuss the desirability of making any changes in their initial course registration. Final responsibility for the selection of courses rests with the student, but it is important that advisors be consulted in order to avoid problems resulting from inappropriate course selection.

Adding a course after the fourth week of the semester is allowed only in exceptional cases and requires a signature from the Deputy Dean of the College. Approval will be granted only if the circumstances are exceptional and there is sound educational reason for the change. The student who is granted permission to enroll in a course after the fourth week of classes is sent a letter, a copy of which is placed in the student's permanent academic file, stating that such permission will be granted only once in the student's career at Brown.

Students who change their course registration in Banner are advised to check their course registration, including their selected grade options, a day or two later to make sure that their online course registration reflects the changes they intended to make.

When adding a course in the third and fourth weeks of class, students are given a copy of each change form filed. Students are strongly advised to keep their copies readily available in the event there is any question that they filed the required forms.