Writing Check

Brown students are expected to communicate effectively in writing in all of their courses. If an instructor is concerned about a student's ability to write effectively, they may register their concern online in the form of a “writing check” at mid-semester or with the final grade. A checkmark then appears on the student's internal academic record next to the course in question; it does not appear on the official Brown transcript. No student with an unaddressed writing check on their internal academic record is eligible to graduate.

Once a writing check appears, students are instructed to meet with a staff member of the Writing Center (please email [email protected]) who will help them determine the best course of action to address their check. There are four ways for students to resolve a writing check:

  1. Enroll in Nonfiction Writing courses: (1) ENGL 0900, Critical Reading/ Writing I: The Academic Essay or (2) ENGL 1030, Critical Reading/ Writing II: Research Essay. When students successfully complete the course, the check is cleared.

  2. Enroll in a Writing Fellows course. When students successfully complete the course, the check is cleared.

  3. Meet with a staff member at the Writing Center to be connected with a Writing Advisor and to establish a writing schedule for the semester. Students usually work on a minimum of three writing assignments (at least 12-15 pages of writing in total). For each assignment, a student’s Writing Advisor will read and respond to a draft and then meet with them to talk about their revision plans. The check is cleared at the end of the semester after students schedule a reflective meeting with their Writing Advisors.

  4. If students receive no additional writing checks and complete a combination of 3 or more WRIT, English, Comparative Literature, or Literary Arts classes, their writing check will be cleared at the end of their 7th semester.

For Instructors: See the Sheridan Center's Guide to the Writing Check