Exploring Fellowships

Navigating the world of fellowships can feel like a daunting task. But starting early in your undergraduate career and taking the time to work through each step of the process laid out on this site will put you in the strongest possible position to compete for some of the top awards that the world has to offer.

The best types of opportunities for you, now and going forward, will depend on your interests and goals. These can be investigated through personal introspection and your thoughtful engagement with various resources including your classes, professors, peers, and advisers, many of whom are situated in the various campus offices designed to support you as you navigate and enhance your undergraduate career.

Before you begin to research individual awards, take the time to explore the two pages in this section: Getting Started and Selection Criteria. These pages are designed to direct your self-reflection upon your interests, strenghts, and goals, as well as familiarize yourself with the primary criteria that both Brown's internal committees and the national fellowship committees use to evaluate the applications that they receive during each application cycle.