Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Deadline 01/04/2017
Eligibility All Students
Website http://www.santafe.edu/education/fellowships/undergraduate/


Undergraduate students work with faculty mentors on an individual research project focused on some aspect of complex systems. SFI‘s broad program of research is aimed at understanding both the common features of complex systems and at comprehending the enormous diversity of specific examples. Possible focus areas include adaptive computation; computational aspects of complexity; energy and information in biological computation; scaling laws in complex phenomena; network structure and dynamics; robustness and innovation in biological and social systems; and the dynamics of human social interactions including state and market formation, economics as a complex system, and the evolution of language. This program is highly individualized. Each student works with one or more faculty mentors on a specific, mutually selected project. The project may be based on a suggestion from the SFI mentor, an idea from the student intern, or a combination of the two. (You may find it helpful to browse SFI‘s research focus areas to get a sense of possible project topics). The initial weeks of the program will be devoted to meeting potential mentors and determining the choice of project.


For the purposes of this program an undergraduate student is one who is enrolled in a degree program (part-time or full-time) leading to a bachelor's degree. Students transferring from one institution to another who are enrolled at neither institution during the intervening summer may participate. College seniors graduating in 2010 are not eligible; nor are graduating high school students who have not yet enrolled as undergraduates. National Science Foundation funds are limited to supporting U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept international students for the 2011 program. Mathematical or computational skills or experience (particularly knowledge of the rudiments of the Unix operating system and/or a programming language, such as C) are favorably considered.


Housing and a partial board plan will be provided, at no cost to the student, in single-occupancy rooms with shared bathrooms at St. John's College. Modest living stipends will also be provided to interns during their stay, along with some support of round-trip travel expenses from the home institution.


Online Application with: A current resume (CV). A statement of your current research interests and what you intend to accomplish during your internship (suggested length one to two pages). Two (2) letters of recommendation from scholars who know your work. Official transcripts from each college or university attended. Be sure to request your transcripts from the registrar sufficiently in advance so that we receive these records by the January deadline.