The Henry Luce Foundation's Scholars Program

Deadline 10/16/2023
Eligibility Seniors and alumni
Contact [email protected]
Website https://www.hluce.org/


Established in 1974, the Henry Luce Foundation’s Scholars Program annually selects 15-18 “Americans of outstanding promise” from a variety of fields to participate in one-year internships in Asia based on the participants’ career interests and preparation. Rather than offer training for future Asia specialists, this program concentrates exclusively on providing an intensive internship experience in Asia to young Americans who have not specialized in Asian studies and who would not otherwise expect to have such an opportunity during the normal course of their careers. The range of assignments varies widely. Placements have included an architectural firm in Tokyo, a forestry project in Indonesia, a training facility for public administration in Malaysia, a master gardener in Kyoto, a community medicine project in the Philippines, and a banking authority in Singapore. Although each Scholar’s placement provides a professional venue and perspective, the assignments themselves should be viewed as a mechanism through which to gain a broader understanding and appreciation of the culture.


Graduating Seniors, graduate and professional school students, recent graduates, and junior faculty are eligible for the Luce Scholarship. Nominees must be U.S. citizens who by September 1 of the year in which they would enter the program will be no more than twenty-nine years of age and will have earned a bachelor’s degree. Candidates will be considered ineligible if they have a career interest in Asian Affairs, or if they have made this subject an area of academic concentration. A single course or two in this field does not disqualify an individual. Candidates are also ineligible if they have already had significant exposure to Asia. Asian origin, however, does not disqualify an individual Candidates must possess a mature and clearly defined career interest in a specific field and evince strong motivation and potential for professional accomplishment within that field. Candidates should also demonstrate a record of high academic achievement, outstanding leadership ability, more than usual openness to new ideas, and sensitivity to fellow human beings. Candidates will not be judged on the basis of whether they have developed specific plans for the Asian experience although they may have a program in mind. The single most important consideration is a candidate’s potential for leadership and accomplishment both within a chosen profession and as a member of the broader American community. The Luce Scholarship Program differs from other overseas fellowships in 1) its concern with potential for leadership and accomplishment within one of the major professions, and 2) its insistence that candidates have no extensive previous acquaintance with Asian affairs.


Luce Scholars receive transportation, insurance, and a monthly stipend through the period of their participation sufficient to meet all normal expenses in Asia. Additional cost-of-living and housing allowances may be provided to participants in certain locations. Although they may occupy professional positions in Asian institutions or agencies as part of their assignment, Luce Scholars receive no compensation from their local sponsors.


By the campus deadline of September 2022, applicants must complete and submit the Luce Scholars Program online Application which includes completing and uploading the following documents:

  • 1,500 word personal statement
  • Four letters of recommendation addressed signed on official letterhead and addressed to Joel Simundich, Assistant Dean of the College for Fellowships. 
  • An official Brown University transcript (and of all college and graduate work)
  • A Photo -  A simple head shot. 


Jackson Brook, '19