Brown MMUF Staff

Dr. Asabe Poloma
MMUF Campus Coordinator
Assistant Dean of the College for International Students and Associate Director of MMUF

Wendy Sheridan
MMUF Program Coordinator

Warren Harding
Mellon Graduate Mentor
PhD student in Africana Studies

MMUF Advisory Board

Advising and mentoring are core components of undergraduate education and the foundation of the MMUF program. The MMUF Advisory Board consists of committed faculty mentors who not only serve as the selection committee, but who also provide general advising and mentoring in formal and informal settings. Advisory Board members often also identify and recruit promising prospective Fellows in their respective disciplines.  

Dr. Medeva Ghee
The Leadership Alliance
Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Professor Emily Owens
Professor Françoise Hamlin
History and Africana Studies
(on leave '17-'18)
Professor Daniel Rodriguez
(on leave '17-'18)
Professor Elizabeth Hoover
American and Ethnic Studies
Professor Daniel Vaca
Religious Studies 
Professor Evelyn Hu-Dehart
History, American and Ethnic Studies 
Professor Andre Willis
Religious Studies 
Professor Evelyn Hu-Dehart and Fatimah Asghar '09Professor Evelyn Hu-Dehart and Fatimah Asghar '09