Brown Wins 22 Fulbright Awards!

June 19, 2014
Some of Brown's Newly Minted Fulbrighters

The Dean of the College Office is thrilled to announce that 22 recent graduates and alumni have been awarded a Fulbright scholarship.  This prestigious award offers students the opportunity to pursue graduate study, independent research or teaching in one of over 150 countries.   Brown Fulbrighters will be studying, pursuing independent research projects or teaching overseas in 14 countries including Mexico, Jordan, Malaysia, South Africa, and France.  

Many Brown students pursue independent research projects.  “Brown’s unique undergraduate experience with its emphasis on student choice and independent inquiry lends itself to this option,” says Linda Dunleavy, Associate Dean of the College for Fellowships and the Fulbright Program Advisor at Brown.  The curriculum, she pointes out, “encourages students to take risks and chart their own intellectual journeys, and the Fulbright experience extends this approach to learning beyond Brown.”

The teaching assistantships offered by numerous countries through the Fulbright program present another exciting option for graduate seniors and recent alumni.  “Here Brown students’ openness to new cultures and experiences and their innate sense of adventure serve as an advantage,” Dean Dunleavy says.  This opportunity is ideal for students interested in teaching, working closely with members of the community in the host country, and having a completely new cultural experience.  Some countries have language requirements, but others do not, making it possible to go somewhere absolutely unfamiliar with an English Teaching Assistantship Fulbright.  

The Fulbright Program is the U.S. government’s flagship international educational exchange program.  

Brown’s 2014 Fulbright recipients:  


David Adler ’14 (Mexico)

Avilash Cramer ’14 (India)

Sarah Domenick  ’14 (France)

Reva Dhingra ’14 (Jordan)

Hannah Graham ’14 (Japan)

Raghavendra Kamalesh ’14 (Germany)

Amanda Labora ’13 (Mexico)

Emma Ramandan ’13 (Morocco)

Devon Reynolds ’14 (Brazil)

Jeremy Shar ’14 (Chile)

Maya Sikand ’13 (India)


Zachary Bleckner ’13 (Brazil)

Thomas Finley ’14 (Germany)

Meia Geddes ’14 (South Africa)

Lisa Goddard ’14 (Taiwan) 

Liliana Gutmann-McKenzie ’14 (Mexico)

Emma Lamothe ’14 (Spain)

Jesse McGleughlin 14 (South Africa)

Rie Ohta ’14 (Malaysia)

Lindsay Sovern ’14 (Russia)

Marie Tanaka ’13 (Andorra)

Kyle Zurcher ’14 (Turkey)