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Rachel Benoit
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Comparative Literature
After a year in Paris working for a photography production company, Rachael is currently studying for a masters degree in Comparative Literature at Oxford University.
The United States’ Occupation of Haiti, 1915 - 1934: A Visual Archive
Sponsor: Barrymore Bogues - Rachel researched the photographs and video footage in the Marine Corps' Audio-Visual Archives in Quantico, Virginia taken in Haiti during the United States' occupation of the island from 1915 - 1934. These photographs and footage, along with their captions, provide revealing insights and an evocative depiction of Haiti during the occupation, a significant moment both for Haiti's own history and US-Haitian relations. She then contextualized this visual historical archive by means of interviews, existing records and reportage on the occupation from French, American, and Haitian perspectives. This additional research was conducted at the Bibliothèque National in Paris and New York City.