20 Years of Royce

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This series of audio stories celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Royce Fellowship.

Caitie Whelan ‘05
“That wasn’t what the day called for.”
Caitie Whelan intended to preserve samples of music from the Merasi she ended up building a school and engaging in questions of cultural history, social justice and igniting the hopes of parents in rural India. Catie is the Founder of Lightening Notes.

Eric Tucker ‘03 
“When school is done right students are called to be people they didn’t know they could be."
Eric Tucker's Royce launched a decade of work in innovative education initiatives including a nationwide urban debate league and a brand new NYC charter school. Eric is the co-founder of the Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School

Keith Stanski ‘04
“Reinventing the best laid plans…”
Keith Stanski's Royce work in Columbia was the springboard for a career of international research on human rights and taught him about the complications of working in communities that aren't your own. Keith is the Coordinating Officer at the Peacekeeping Situations Center at the United Nations.

Louisa Lombard 
“The Allegory of the Cave”
Louisa worked in post genocide Rwanda to grasp the fullness and complications of the Gacaca hearings. Louisa is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Yale University.

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Olivia Santiago ‘16: Royce Sport and Society Fellow
“Whatever ocean you belong to.”
Before receiving her Royce, Olivia Santiago didn't identify much with her island heritage. Now she does small islands climate advocacy work at the UN and beyond.

Rob Sand ‘05
“No matter where I went people knew my name.”
Rob went home to survey farmers and listen their views on conservation in the upper Iowa watershed. Rob is an Assistant Iowa Attorney General.


Robin Romm ‘97
“Am I here because I’m voyeuristic or altruistic?”
Robin teaches creative writing in prison and asks ‘is it political to be creative in the face of destruction?’ She’s interested in stories that change  personal narratives of guilt and shame into hope. Robin is a writer and faculty member at Warren Wilson College.

Sandra Kimokoti ‘15
“Teaching agency, coaching rugby.”
Sandra coached rugby and taught reproductive health care to young women in rural Kenya.