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Polina Malikin
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Art Semiotics
Polina moved to Columbia Missouri to teach at Stephens College. She is the education director of the Citizen Jane Film Festival, in addition to teaching digital photography and a course called Cinema and Social Change. Polina lived in the all-female artist collective, the Dirt Palace while in Providence, doing increasingly experimental films on the side while making documentaries for hire, with topics ranging from medicine to politics. She attended the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee's graduate program for experimental film, she launched a nontraditional art gallery/living space combination called NEIGHBORS. Her film CHINA, Portraits, debuted at the Iowa City Experimental Film Festival.
Polina continued her work with art collectives across the country and corresponded with, visited and documented several artists’ communities in Providence. She created a documentary film and website to inform a larger audience about the social and political issues facing artists living and working in urban communities.