Semester UTRAs

Students may apply for $1000 semester UTRAs to conduct research and curriculum development projects that cannot take place during the summer. Semester UTRAs are especially attractive for students who want to collaborate with faculty who are unavailable during the summer or who cannot themselves spend the summer in Providence. Shorter term projects, as well as those that require school to be in session (as in many education or psychology projects) are also appropriate for semesters UTRAs. 

Semester UTRAs supporting curricular development and innovation take place prior to the semester when the course is offered. A student may also be eligible to apply for a semester extension to serve as a teaching assistant for the course. In addition to the $1000 semester stipend for curriculum development, these students receive an additional $1000 during the semester of the teaching assistantship. Semester extensions are not available for research collaborations. 

Semester UTRAs are awarded to individual students and to teams of two students. Applicants must articulate why their projects cannot be completed during the summer and why they would be best completed as an UTRA rather than as an independent study course (e.g. Biol 1950/60, Phys 1980, Anth 1970). Applications are due by 5:00 pm on May 1 for the fall semester and on November 15 for the spring term.

Recipients of semester UTRAs are required to work on their projects for ten hours per week over twelve weeks during the semester. Students may not receive an UTRA for work for which they are simultaneously receiving academic credit.