I-Team Proposals

List of Pre-Approved 2017 I-Team Proposals:

Kofan language documentation:building a multi-purpose text collection by Professors Scott AnderBios and Paja Faudree

The biology and mechanics of sensing and control of bat flight and bio-inspired flight robots by Professors Kenneth Breuer (Engineering) and Sharon Swartz (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) 

Topological Data Analysis by Professor Jeffrey Brock (Math)

Biome Restoration in Brazil's Atlantic Rainfrost by Professors Stephen Porder (EEB) and Leah van Wey (Sociology)

Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine by Professor Michael Satlow (Religious Studies/Judaic Studies); Dr. Elli Mylonas (Center for Digital Scholarship, Library); and Professor Gaia Lembi (Judaic Studies)