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Summer 2018 - Dean of the Week,  Schedule
Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm, 401-863-9800

During the summer months, deans are on call for quick questions, and urgent academic issues. We advise you to arrange individual appointments with deans if the issue you wish to discuss falls under a dean's particular area of responsibility, or requires an extended conversation. Please note the dates and locations for the Dean of the Week schedule below. 


June 4 -8 Dean Chang Campus Center, 228
June 11 - 15 Dean Bhattacharyya University Hall, 206
June 18-22 Dean Dennis University Hall, 207
June 25-29 Dean Cohen University Hall, 201


July 2-6           Dean Brostuen J. Walter Wilson, 420   
July 9-14

Dean Plaut
(July 9-10)

Dean Shimberg
(July 11 -13)


Swearer Center

July 16-20

Dean Adetunji 
Dean Dunleavy

University Hall, 213
July 23-27

Dean Targan
Dean Hance

University Hall, 213
Swearer Center

July 30 - Aug 3      

Dean Rome
Dean Cohee

University Hall, 201
Sarah Doyle Women's Center


August 6-10

Dean Lee
Dean Elie

University Hall, 301
August 13-17

Dean Poloma
(Aug. 13-15)

Dean Rodriguez
(Aug. 16-17)

J. Walter Wilson, 313

University Hall, 209

August 20-24

Dean O'Neill
Dean Johnson

University Hall, 201
Swearer Center

August 27-31

Dean Vassilev

Hemisphere Building - ground level

Semester I Open Hours schedule will be available for viewing mid-August 2018.