Academic & Student Conduct Codes

At Brown we strive to maintain an open learning environment based on  individual expression and the free exchange of ideas. Our community and our academic mission are governed by four basic principles: individual integrity; respect for others; respect for University resources; and respect for the values of teaching, learning, and scholarship. Brown’s Academic and Student Conduct Codes explain these principles and, along with them, your rights and responsibilities as a Brown student. Reading and understanding these Codes is an essential first step in becoming a member of the Brown community. 

The Academic Code is administered through the College, where deans are available to answer questions about academic integrity and authentic scholarship. It is vital that you understand the principles that govern and protect an intellectual community such as ours, so that you can uphold them in all of your academic endeavors. 

Deans in the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards can assist you with questions about the Code of Student Conduct, a document that covers a range of rights and responsibilities afforded to all students.  Although you may not need to know every procedure within the Code of Student Conduct, it is important to know the Principles and the Standards of Student Conduct. Other important campus policies and resources are linked to this web site, which you can access below.

Read the Codes closely. In early June, we will send you an email with a link to a required online tutorial. This email will be sent to your Brown email address only, so if you have not yet activated your Brown email account, now is the time to do so. Completing the online tutorial is mandatory; please make sure you attend to it by or before August 16th.

Transfer, Visiting, and Resumed Undergraduate Education (RUE) students beginning in the fall should complete the tutorial by August 16th; those beginning in the spring should complete the tutorial by January 3rd.

Academic Code

Code of Student Conduct