Exploring Diversity at Brown

Diversity is at the foundation of Brown's academic enterprise. Exposure to a broad range of perspectives, beliefs, and outlooks is key to fostering both breadth and depth in intellectual knowledge. Brown’s Liberal Learning Goals encourage students to seek experiences inside and outside the classroom that will challenge their assumptions and allow them to develop more open and inclusive views of the world and their place in it. Brown also seeks to achieve diversity in its living, learning, and working environments by recruiting and retaining students, faculty, and staff from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. 

For more information on diversity at Brown, visit the website of the Office of Institutional Equity & Diversity. Under the resources link on this page, you'll find information on numerous offices, programs and initiatives on campus that seek to engage community members in dialogue around these important topics. We've summarized the information for you on the Diversity Resources at Brown page.

One of the first opportunitites new students have to join in this conversation occurs during orientation. The evening before classes begin, students will meet for "Engaging Diversity."More information on this important program will be found in your schedule booklet upon arrival.