Orientation Welcoming Committee

Dear Fellow Brunonians:

On behalf of the entire Orientation Welcoming Committee, we welcome you to Brown. Orientation is filled with activities to acquaint you with the Brown campus and your fellow classmates. We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to develop new friendships, familiarize yourself with the campus, and enjoy what is sure to be a memorable time.

Be on the lookout for us scattered around campus in Orientation Welcoming Committee (OWC) t-shirts. We are here to answer any question you have as you begin making Brown your new home. Feel free to contact us over the summer at Orientation@Brown.edu.

Again, congratulations and welcome! We look forward to providing you with an exciting and fulfilling introduction to the Brown community.

Staff Co-Coordinators
Kisa Takesue '88
Director of Student Activities and the Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center
Box P, 20 Benevolent St
Brown University
(401) 863-2341

Carol Cohen '83
Assistant Dean of the College
Box 1939, University Hall
Brown University
(401) 863-2676

Administrative Assistants
Ivone Aubin, Dean of the College

Student Leadership Team
Chanliny Lim
Laura Curlin
Anuj Patel
Frank Riley
Gwendolyn Rogers
Victoria Wilson
Shawn Saunders
Allison Dungey
Dani Grodsky