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Incoming Student Information

August 9th, 2017

Dear Incoming Student,

Happy August! Many of our emails over the summer have focused on what to do to prepare for coming to Brown.  We’re excited to tell you about a new, online workshop we have developed for all incoming students:  1stYear@Brown. We designed 1stYear@Brown to help you launch your academic journey at Brown, whether you attended an institution previously with an open curriculum and have this exposure already or not. By engaging with the exercises, watching the videos, and reading some of the helpful tips, we hope that you will be more fully equipped to transition successfully to our learning environment and more fully prepared to navigate the academic choices before you.

This workshop is made up of four modules that can be done in any order and at different times. Although you do not need to complete this workshop before TVRUE Orientation, we strongly encourage you to do so. Current students who have previewed 1stYear@Brown have expressed envy that incoming students now have this tool. So take their word for it and spend some time going through the modules! We anticipate that it will take approximately 2 hours to complete this workshop, time that will go far in helping you navigate your journey to and through Brown.

You can access 1stY@B in Canvas, Brown’s online learning management system. Many professors use Canvas for their courses, allowing you to access course material, submit assignments, contribute to online discussion boards, and view grades. Click here for instructions on how to access Canvas. For 1stY@B, we recommend using a web browser and not the Canvas mobile app.

To start, view the “Dean’s Welcome” and review the “Course Guide,” both found on the homepage. As always, feel free to contact us at or 401-863-9800 with questions about 1stY@Brown content. And remember all prior summer emails are posted online.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • August 15

    • “No Notation” for AP Scores

    • Mandatory code tutorial

    • Add course preferences to cart

    • Letter to your advisor  

    • First readings response

  • August 22

    • Required Alcohol Misuse and Sexual Assault Prevention Courses

Finally, we welcome your feedback as this is the first year we are offering 1stYear@Brown and would especially be interested in your thoughts on which aspects of the course you found most and least useful as an incoming TVRUE student to Brown.


Your TVRUE Deans

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