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REMINDER: Upcoming Deadlines + Writing Requirement Recap

Reminder: Upcoming Deadlines + Writing Requirement Recap (January 28)

Dear transfer, visiting, and RUE students:

This email contains important information about upcoming deadlines and Brown's Writing Requirement for Transfer/RUE students.

1) Next Tue. Feb. 5 is the deadline to add a course without a fee and Feb. 20 (5:00 pm) is the last day to add a course with a $15 fee or change your grade option from ABC/No Credit to S/NC.

If you are considering dropping a course or taking fewer than 4, we advise you to speak with an academic dean before doing so (Dean Bhattacharyya and Dean Rodriguez's open hours are posted here). Your academic standing is based only on courses completed at Brown. Please review the chart on Academic Standing. After 1 semester at Brown, you'd need to pass 3 courses to remain in Good Academic standing; after 2 semesters, you'd need to pass 7, etc.

Log into Banner self-service to verify that your registration is correct. No changes will be allowed after 5:00 pm on Feb. 20.

2) Brown's Writing Requirement is described in detail – with special notes for Transfer students – on the right-hand sidebar here. Beginning with the class of 2015 (all of you, even if you're completing Dec. 2014), students who enter as sophomores must demonstrate that they've worked on their writing twiceand entering juniors must do so at least once. Whether you complete the requirement by taking a course or by uploading a significant writing sample, you must log into ASK's "Writing Requirement" tab to complete an online form.

3) Finally, we hope to see you at our Fireside Chat this Friday, Feb. 1 at 3:00 pm at the beautifulMaddock Alumni Center (38 Brown Street, corner of George; across the main green) to discuss engagement at Brown and Beyond.

Your transfer deans,

Dean Rodriguez & Dean Bhattacharyya