Summer Email #2: Peer Counselors and Reminders

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Greetings again from Brown! We hope this second email finds you well!

In the coming weeks, you will hear from current students who transferred to Brown who have volunteered to serve as your Transfer, Visiting, and RUE Peer Counselors. Each of you has a team of at least two counselors assigned to you. You can connect with them and with each other on the Brown University Transfer/Visiting/RUE Class 2014-2015 Facebook Page.

If you have not yet received a packet of information with the Guide to Brown and materials to return by specific deadlines, please contact the Admission Office 401-863-2378. Soon, you will receive another mailing from Brown including the booklet, Planning Your Liberal Education. It will give you a feel for Brown and ways you might approach designing your own studies in the coming years. This second mailing will also include information about the First Readings Film, Oil  and Water, and your first assignment, a letter introducing yourself to your faculty advisor. Please watch the film and submit your letter online so that we can get it to your faculty advisor. You will receive your advisor's name and register for courses when you arrive on campus. 
Be sure to check the "Deadlines envelope," as many items for students arriving in the fall are due soon. **ALSO, please note that, due to some changes in our procedures this summer, you will not need to submit the Transfer Credit Worksheet.

Your TVRUE Deans,

Deans Maitrayee Bhattacharyya (Domestic Visiting and RUE Students) and Yolanda Rome (Transfer Students)

Office of the Dean of the College