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TVR Email #3: Summer Mailing, Course Registration and Concentration Credit

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Dear incoming students,
(If you missed previous emails, they’re available on our Orientation website.)
You will soon receive a mailing from Brown including the academic planning booklet Planning Your Liberal Education and information about the First Readings Film, Oil  and Water, and your first assignment. Please let us know if you do not receive the mailing by July 25. 
Choosing Courses and Registration
You will register for classes after you arrive on campus. To help you prepare, we ask you to log into Banner and enter 4-6 courses into your shopping cart (fall transfers by August 15). Your advisor(s) will be able to see the courses in your shopping cart and this will help him/her provide you with the best possible guidance when they meet with you. 
If you are interested in courses that have limited enrollment and/or require the instructor's permission, you may email the professor to ask about the process for getting permission (professor's override) to register for the course. Bear in mind that professors may not get back to you right away during the summer. You should attend the first class and wait for permission during the first week or two of classes. Many students add and drop courses 
during "shopping period" in those first weeks, and spots open up in courses that were previously filled. Lars Andersen '15, a prior TVRUE Counselor, has compiled some useful tips for registration.
Concentration Credit
Each department has its own policies regarding the number of transfer credits that will count toward a concentration. Review department websites and if needed, email a Concentration Advisor (faculty responsible for overseeing the concentration). They may ask to see course descriptions and syllabi, so please have these on hand. A list of Concentration Advisors for each area is available on Focal Point and on departmental websites. 
Savanah Harshbarger, another prior TVRUE Counselor, has created a tip-sheet about the option of getting unassigned credits assigned for specific course equivalencies once you arrive on campus. Please read it carefully – and note that assigning unassigned credits is neither required nor time-sensitive. 
As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us! 
Deans Maitrayee Bhattacharyya (Visiting and RUE) and Yolanda Rome (Transfer)
Your TVRUE Deans