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TVR EMAIL #4: Transfer Credit + Letter to your Advisor

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Dear incoming Transfer, RUE, and Visiting students:
This email provides information on transfer credit processing and one important deadline.
Transfer Credit
In the next few weeks, we will process transfer credits for transfer students. Your internal academic record, to which you have electronic access, will indicate how many transfer credits you have been awarded by mid-August. At that time, if you feel an error has been made, please let us know. If we have not received your transfer credit form and final transcript(s), you should send these immediately.
Summer Reading and Letter to your Advisor 
By now, we hope you have received the link to the film Oil and Water, and the summer academic planning booklet, Planning Your Liberal Education. If you haven't yet done so, take some time to watch the documentary film Oil and Water and write a letter to your academic advisor. (You'll find out who your advisor is when you arrive on campus.) Visit the First Readings website to watch Oil and Water, and to find out more about the film and about David Poritz '12 and Hugo Lucitante, the two young men profiled in it. 
Please submit your letter by August 15, through ASK.

If you do not receive the mailing which includes Planning Your Liberal Education by July 25, please email to let us know, and be assured that all materials will soon be posted on the TVR Orientation website. 

Deans Maitrayee Bhattacharyya (Visiting and RUE Students) and Yolanda Rome (Transfer Students)
Office of the Dean of the College