Midyear Autumn Email 1

Midyear Autumn Email #1: To-dos + Info about Registration and Academic Advising 

Dear mid-year Transfer, Visiting, and RUE Students: 

This first autumn e-mail has reminders about upcoming deadlines and other important information.

1. The Transfer Orientation Schedule will be posted on the Transfer Orientation website by November. You should move in to campus on Saturday, January 18 or early Sunday, January 19 in time for our Orientation Welcome Meeting at 2:00 pm.

2. To-do's: Your summer mailings provided a list of deadlines and we hope you still have that handy. This list is also available on the Orientation website.

3. Transfer credits: We are processing credits for students who have sent an official transcript and transfer credit form. Beginning on Friday, September 27, you may view credits that have been processed in your internal academic record (log into Banner > Applicant and Student > Student Record > Academic Transcript). If you are currently enrolled, please request that a final transcript be sent once your fall grades have been posted.

4. Registration and Academic Advising: You will register for classes on Jan. 21, the day before classes begin. You will have several advising conversations during the first two weeks of the semester (the course "shopping period"). During orientation, you will meet with an academic dean and with a Transfer Peer Counselor before registration begins. You will then contact your faculty advisor to schedule a meeting within the first two weeks of the term. Your arrival packet will contain the date/time of your meeting with an academic dean and the name of your faculty advisor. (Note: As we mentioned in an earlier email, questions regarding concentration requirements should be directed to concentration advisors. Visit Focal Point for the name of a concentration advisor in your area(s) of interest).

We look forward to welcoming you in just a few months!


Deans Maitrayee Bhattacharyya and Carol Cohen
Your TVRUE Deans