Midyear Autumn Email 4

Midyear Autumn Email #4: Final Reminder of Upcoming Deadlines (December 13, 2013)

Dear midyear TVRUE students:

Your arrival on campus is just over a month way. As a reminder, the Midyear Orientation Schedule is posted on the TVRUE Orientation website.

Winter break is an excellent time to review all those emails and publications (for example, Guide to Brown and Planning Your Liberal Education) you've received from us! Please spend some time closely reviewing the T/V/RUE Orientation website. In addition to reviewing all the upcoming deadlines (many items are due just after the new year!), you can also download PDFs of many of the important documents that were mailed this summer.

One item due soon is your Expected Course List, which is essentially the courses you place in your cart in self-service Banner; these tentative selections will guide your advising conversations with deans and faculty once you arrive on campus. You might want to review Brown's concentration offerings and requirements (Focal Point) and peruse the Brown course scheduler and Critical Review, tools that will also help you plan for registration on January 21.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season! FYI, Brown University will be closed during the holidays and will re-open January 3.

Your TVRUE Deans,

Dean Cohen and Dean Bhattacharyya