Midyear Autumn Email 6


Midyear Autumn Email #6: Final Email Before Orientation (January 15, 2014)

Dear incoming mid-year students: 

 We are so excited to meet you in just a few days!

We look forward to welcoming you to campus this Sunday, January 19th at our Welcome Meeting [REQUIRED] at 2:00pm in Salomon Center 001 on the main green. As a reminder, the Spring TVRUE Orientation Schedule is posted on our Orientation website. The cover includes information for getting your keys, ID card, and welcome packet from the Office of Residential Life.  Your welcome packet includes important information on the dates/times/locations of certain meetings that are part of your personal orientation schedule.

 A few important notes:

 1) Your Internal Academic Record: If we’ve received your final transcript, you should see additional transfer credits posted to your internal academic record soon. This document provides instructions for accessing your record in Banner and guidelines for understanding the information posted there.

 2) Academic Seminar: Don't forget your copy of Beautiful Souls, which you’ll discuss on Tuesday at an academic seminar taught by a Brown instructor.

 3) We've attached three important items to this email.  SafetyThe first includes basic safety information and University expectations as you transition into the Brown community.  Please review the attached document carefully.  Academic Nuts and Bolts: The second document was compiled by Peer Counselors in 2012. Remember that they, too, were in your shoes as students who transferred to Brown from another school. On Monday, we'll have a session called "Academic Nuts and Bolts," where we'll discuss academic policies and important information about campus life. Please read through this document beforehand so that you'll be prepared to ask your Counselors questions. (Counselor bios are also attached for your reference.)

 Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have last-minute questions.  Good luck with your packing and travels and see you very soon!

 Your TVRUE Deans,

Dean Maitrayee Bhattacharyya and Dean Carol Cohen