Office of International Programs

About the Office of International Programs

Brown University offers undergraduate students the opportunity to study abroad through a wide variety of academic programs, some offered directly by the university and others sponsored by institutions that Brown approves for academic credit. Well over 500 Brown students study outside of the United States each year and are transformed by their experiences in the most positive and profound ways.

The Office of International Programs is responsible for the management of study abroad opportunities for Brown undergraduates. We also work with students from other institutions who are interested in studying abroad on a Brown-sponsored program.



Kendall Brostuen 
Director, Associate Dean

Janet Kalunian
Associate Director for Operations
Focus: Brown and CASA summer programs  
(includes summer programs in Bologna, Italy; Comillas, Spain; Dubln, Ireland; and St. Petersburg, Russia)

Ned Quigley
Associate Director for Campus Recruitment and Engagement


Lynn Cavicchi 
Study Abroad Program Manager
Focus: France, Germany, Italy, other Western European countries (except Ireland, Spain, UK), Eastern Europe, and Canada.  
(including non-Brown summer programs in these regions)  

Ivana Freitas
Study Abroad Program Manager
Focus: Spain, Latin America, and the Caribbean
(including non-Brown summer programs in these regions)  

Rachel Lopes-Almeida
Study Abroad Program Manager
Focus: Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Australia/New Zealand 
(including non-Brown summer programs in these regions) 

Kelly Sachleben
Study Abroad Program Manager
Focus: Ireland and United Kingdom 
(including non-Brown summer programs in these regions)  

Administrative Staff

Madilyn Royer
Financial Analyst

Maria Snead
Sr. Administrative Assistant

Maria Couto
Receptionist/Office Assistant

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