Office of International Programs

Brown +1 Trinity: School of Social Sciences

Masters Course: Political Science/International Politics

Students should refer to department website to determine overlap between courses in these two areas.

Module code ECTS 
Government Institutions PO8001 10
The Government and Politics of the European Union PO8002 10
Electoral Behaviour PO8004 10
International Conflict PO8008 10
Democratisation PO8009 5
Development Policy PO8010 5
International Political Economy PO8013 5
International Organizations PO8011 5
International Environmental Policy PO8012 5
Parties and Public Policy PO8014 10
European Union Policies PO8005 10
Global Justice PO8015 5

Masters Course: Race, Ethnicity, Conflict

Course Module Code ECTS
Ethnic Conflict, Peace and the state SO7015 10
Conflict zones: case studies SO7017 5
Race, Ethnicity: Theoretical Concepts SO7001 10

Masters Course: European Employment Studies

Module Code ECTS
Work and Employment in Europe SO7021 10
Industrial Relations and Employment Policy in Europe SO7022 10
Inequality and Discrimination at the workplace SO7023 5
Migration and the European Labour Market  SO7013 5

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