Office of International Programs

Peer Advisor: Kanika

Meet Kanika

Hometown:  Manhattan, NY
Studied Abroad:  
Brown in Italy/Bologna - Spring 2013
Public Policy & American Institutions/Italian Studies
Spring 2015

Kanika's Experience Abroad

Q: What do you miss about your time abroad?

A: It was Italy… Need I say more? But in all seriousness, I loved how immersed I was in the Italian language and in the culture. From the second I woke up I had to speak to my roomates in Italian, go to lectures in Italian and my circle of friends consisted of mainly Italians. I was myself in a completely different language and culture, it was awesome!

Q: Why did you decide to study abroad?

A: I was a little bit lost at Brown. I didn’t have this academic “passion” that so many other students had. I knew I loved Italian but I really didn’t know what my other interests were. I needed a change from the routine and I needed a break from college hill. I learned that I was eligible to study abroad and to be honest, it was a bit spontaneous, but I am so grateful for my experience there.

Q: If you were planning to study abroad where would you go?

A: Stockholm, Sweden.  

Q: Highlight from abroad?

A: Bologna has a place called San Luca. It is a sanctuary on the top of a huge hill. It takes about an hour to walk all the way up there but the view of Bologna and the hills is absolutely amazing. So breathtaking, especially at sunset! Then after our “workout”, we would go for a nice glass of wine on the piazza.

Q: What did you miss about Brown while you were abroad?

A: Obviously, I missed my friends. I am a golfer at Brown, so I missed my teammates as well. Also – at Brown I have a routine. I felt, while abroad, that every day was a new, exciting day but I lacked a schedule and a rhythm, which is something I was trying to get away from but have now realized that I really like having!  

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