Office of International Programs

Peer Advisor: Austin

Meet Austin

Hometown: Memphis, TN
Studied Abroad:  Shanghai, China - Summer 2011 & Hong Kong, China - Fall 2012
Concentration: International Relations
Graduation: Spring 2014

Austin's Experience Abroad

Q: Favorite cultural experience while abroad:
A:  Sai Kung is an historical fishing village in the North Eastern part of Hong Kong in a district called the New Territories. It had a lot of fresh, local seafood as well as tiny island chains that I took ferries to and hiked for on weekends. It was nice to have some natural beauty to escape to whenever I wanted to get away from the city that was just a quick 30 minute ride on public transportation away.

Q: Why did you decide to study abroad?
A: My primary focus for studying abroad was to study Chinese in a setting where I had to speak it. Immersing oneself in whatever language you're learning is the best way to gain more and more from it so that eventually it becomes second nature. There is also an aspect of exploring a new city and region that was important to me. In CUHK, I wanted to study several issues related to international relations, economics, and finance from the unique perspective of Hong Kong. The city has been bridge between the traditional paradigms of East and West for just over a century now. Coupling the unique governing relationship with Mainland China as well as its role as an international financial and trade hub made it an exciting place to study.

Q: Advice for students who are planning to study abroad:
A: Get involved with some sort of activity or group that allows you to interact and bond with local students. It can be something that you did at Brown, or an activity that you stumble across through an activities fair. Finding ways to make these connections will greatly enrich your experience.

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