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Peer Advisor: Kyra


Meet Kyra
Hometown: Tacoma, WA
Studied Abroad: Havana, Cuba
Concentration: Anthropology
Graduation: Spring 2013



Kyra's Study Abroad Experience

Q: What do you miss most about your time abroad?
A: The food! Cuban food, although maybe not the most nutritious, was extremely delicious. I could buy lobster at ridiculously cheap prices, and the pastries were beyond tasty.

Q: Why did you decide to study abroad?
A: I'm majoring in Anthropology and focusing on Central & Latin America. I've always been interested in Cuba. It is such a unique place that I had to jump on the opportunity to go there and study the people, the culture, the history, etc., since I wouldn't really have any other chance to. Everything was so different from the US that I was constantly learning. Studying abroad helped me shape & change my worldview very broadly, but it also changed my day-to-day habits. I learned to be a lot less wasteful and to not be afraid of sounding stupid, even if I'm not a hundred percent sure what I'm saying is right.

Q: If you were planning to study abroad again, where would you go?
A: Argentina

Q: Describe something that surprised you while you were abroad.
A: One day when I was in Old Havana by myself, a man my age came up to me (which they often do, if you're alone & a woman in Cuba). He was flirting a little (which happens a lot, too), but was mostly curious about me and my life in the states. He knew all about American pop culture, which surprised me since access to information is so limited in Cuba. He even asked me about Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj!

Q: Highlight from abroad?
A: When our group took a week to travel all around the island, another student Jake and I woke up at the crack of dawn without telling anyone to hike up this beautiful mountain called El Yunque. We picked cacao straight from the tree and had a gorgeous view at the top of the mountain. At the bottom, we were dripping with sweat and then jumped off a cliff into the river to cool down. It was the perfect the morning hike.

Q: Advice for students who are planning to study abroad:
A: Try everything. There might be days when you'll feel tired and will want to just hang out & relax, but don't. There's so much to see and experience and you only have a limited time there. Take advantage of it. If you've never taken a dance class, do it. If you see someone cute at a museum, introduce yourself. It's cheesy, but it's true—don't be afraid to try new things! 

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