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OIP Peer: Jessica

Meet Jessica

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Studied Abroad: Lyon, France - Spring 2013
Concentration: History and French
Graduation: Spring 2014


Jessica's Study Abroad Experience

Q: Favorite food/recipe abroad? 

A: My host mom’s ratatouille, Señor Carlos' empanadas, and the tandoori sandwiches from this hole-in-the-wall restaurant by Place de Terreaux. (Don't judge me—I was in the gastronomic capital of France and thus felt compelled to take advantage of it !)

Q: Favorite course abroad:

A: Africa in Contemporary International Relations

Q: Advice for students who are planning to study abroad:

A: Go to local sporting events! Some of my favorite memories of Lyon were watching rugby, ice hockey, and soccer matches. You'll adopt a sense of pride for your home team that will truly help you feel like a local. I once spotted David Beckham for all of the three minutes he was playing for a team in France. Plus, you'll learn the most creative and searing insults in the language of your host country, and it makes for good conversation when you try to translate them. 

Q: Describe something that surprised you while you were abroad:

A: How excellent public transportation was. I had so many options to get all over Lyon (bikeshare, tram, metro, bus, and ferry) that made it incredibly easy for me to access the entire city.

Q: What did you miss most about Brown while you were abroad?

A. The Interlibrary Loan system! I'm sure that sounds nerdy, but checking out books in Lyon was a most arduous and frustrating process that required multiple trips to other towns and libraries. I will never again take for granted the ease of having a book delivered to me in a timely fashion.

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