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Why Go Abroad?

Why go abroad?  Here's what Brown students say:

Students should study abroad to 'broad'en their perspectives on the world and to reassess their place in it.  Spending time abroad as a college student is an invaluable growth experience.  You learn so much about yourself and the way you adapt to different situations! It also makes you a more confident person and traveler!

-Michelle, studied abroad in Barcelona

Why not?

- Chris, studied abroad in Denmark

Students should study abroad to discover a new perspective on life, language, education, and the world. America's culture can only provide a particular mindset. When one studies abroad, it opens up one's way of thinking.

- Marie, studied abroad in Italy

When you're studying abroad, you really get to experience the culture of the country. The perspective you get while living somewhere for 5 months differs so greatly from just visiting a country for vacation.

- Donna, studied abroad in France

Studying abroad makes students do even more of what they're in school to do: learn. The learning you do while you're abroad, especially if you are in a country where the local language is not your native language, becomes all encompassing. You get the chance to see that you are part of a larger world, and through your experiences that larger world becomes part of you.

- Austin, studied abroad in China

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