Office of International Programs

Undergraduate International Research Exchange

Faculty have the opportunity to have international undergraduate students support their research projects for 8-10 weeks during the summer.  Often these students will have foreign language skills and/or prior research experience that is unique and can contribute greatly to faculty research.

Here is how the process works:


  1. Faculty express interest (email by February 8th) in having one or more international students work with them on research over the summer.
  2. Brown OIP sends a list of faculty and projects with counterparts at international universities, who share the opportunities with their students and collect applications.
  3. OIP receives recommended applications from partner university and sends them to faculty for review.
  4.  If the faculty member does not find a student who would benefit their research, they are not obligated to host a students.  If there is a match, faculty can agree to work with the student for the summer.
  5. OIP communicates matches to partner university, and arranges logistics (such as student visas and housing).

On-Campus Experience

Dates: June 10 to August 2 (can be adjusted, if necessary)
Orientation/On-Site Support: OIP will provide on-site support for students and an orientation to ensure that they have the information they need.

Faculty Role: The schedule of research and responsibilities of the student will be agreed upon by the faculty member and student. Faculty will oversee the student work supporting their research and will communicate to OIP if there are any concerns or issues. At the conclusion of the program, OIP will ask faculty for feedback.

Student Report: In addition to research work, students receiving funding may be required to complete a report on what they accomplished and the overall experience.  Faculty are not expected to have any additional responsibilities associated with this requirement, but will be informed by the student if this will occur. 

Feedback & Outcomes

Undergraduate International Research Exchanges began under the administrative of the DOC and OIP during the summer of 2012.  Feedback from faculty hosting these students was very positive, and we aim to expand these opportunities in future years.  Likewise, Brown students participating in research overseas reported high satisfaction with the experience.   

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