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Refund Policy

Refund Policy for Semester and Academic Year Programs

All students accepted into a Brown/CASA Program should refer to the Brown refund policy belowBrown students who are participating in an Approved or Petition program should consult the host institution's policy for deposits and refunds, in addition to the Brown refund policy below.

Tuition Payments

If a student withdraws from a study abroad program during the first five weeks of the program, they are eligible for a refund of the Brown tuition payments based on the schedule below. Brown is not responsible for indirect costs paid directly by the student, including, but not limited to, passport fees, vaccinations, and transportation costs.

Calendar Timeline for Refund of Brown Tuition - Semester and Academic Year Programs
Withdrawal Refund
prior to program start 100%
in the first 14 days 80%
in days 15-21 60%
in days 22-28 40%
in days 29-35 20%
after day 35> no refund

Other fees

Any expenses that have been incurred by Brown on behalf of the student once the student has made a commitment to the program (by submitting a commitment form) will be the responsibility of the student (e.g. host institution fees, pre-payment of orientation housing, etc.) and charged to the student account.

For housing or fees paid directly to the program provider or host institution abroad, the refund policy of that provider/institution will be in effect.

For students who leave because of a medical or family emergency, the same refund policy applies. A student who is suspended, dismissed, or withdraws while under investigation for misconduct, will not have tuition payments refunded.

Brown will not award a diploma or process a transcript request until outstanding balances are paid in full. 

Refund Policy for Summer Programs

Program deposits are non-refundable. All credit balances are subject to account review. Please be aware that many students incur additional fees while participating in the program. Therefore, refunds are typically processed 3 weeks after the completion of a program.

Students who withdraw before the program starts will forfeit their program deposit and may incur other withdrawal penalties depending on the withdrawal date. These penalties include costs incurred by Brown on the student’s behalf. Students should check with the OIP about specific financial penalties applicable to each summer program. Following the start of the program, students are not eligible for refunds unless there are serious, extenuating circumstances.  Students who are dismissed from a program due to violation of the code of conduct will not receive a refund. 

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