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Study Abroad & Academic Standing

Brown's College Curriculum Council requires that students be in good academic standing to study abroad. In addition, many abroad programs require applicants to have a B average (3.0 GPA).

Brown students in good academic standing may study abroad for a semester or a year during their sophomore, junior, or senior year. Most students study abroad during their junior year.

Educational systems vary widely around the world. To study abroad, students must demonstrate that they are  firmly grounded at Brown, both personally and academically. Students studying abroad must be flexible and mature enough to adjust to different--even difficult--circumstances in their daily life and classes abroad.

Students on Academic Warning may be allowed to submit an application to study abroad. Students currently on Disciplinary Dismissal from Brown or Serious Academic Warning will not be allowed to submit an application to study abroad. A student on Academic Warning who wishes to petition the Committee on Academic Standing for an exception to the rules must explain the unusual circumstances in her or his life that justify such an exception.

Schedule an appointment with the Director of the Office of International Programs for an Academic Warning petition form and more information.

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