Office of International Programs

Summer Study Abroad Policies

For Brown and Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad (CASA) summer programs, many of the traditional academic, financial, and conduct policies apply abroad.  However, there are a few key differences:

Code of Conduct

In addition to Brown’s Academic Code, students agree to respect norms, laws and traditions of the host country and are expected to adhere to these guidelines:

  • use maturity and reasonable judgment in his or her conduct abroad and acknowledge that they are ambassadors of the United States and Brown University;
  • regularly attend and participate fully in both the academic program in which they are enrolled and the cultural component of the program; 
  • read all pre-departure materials and follow the rules, standards and instructions outlined in those materials; and
  • stay until the end of the academic program and do not ask for early submission of papers, early presentation of papers or early dates for exams in order to leave the program early. 

Brown and CASA reserve the right to remove a student from a program who is compromising participant safety, including his or her own, and/or the academic quality of the experience for other students. 

Credit Transfer

All students who participate in Brown summer study abroad programs will receive credit on a Brown transcript. Brown students who attend CASA summer programs will receive credit/grades on the CASA host school transcript, and the credit/grades will be transfered onto their Brown transcript (non-Brown students will also get a host school transcript, but final credit transfer will be handled by their home institution). Brown students should review the registrar policies on how credit transfer applies for summer session; they may receive up to two Brown credits for study in the summer (and 4 credits total while at Brown). 

Students who are participating in non-Brown programs should refer to the Non-Brown Summer Programs page and ASK for relevant policies and processes. 


Brown and CASA summer programs carry a "program fee" that covers the cost of academic program delivery and other program-related expenses. A housing fee is assessed for each program, based on actual expenses incurred on behalf of the student. Costs billed vary by location and program set-up.  All costs - including what is covered and anticipated out-of -pocket expenses - are posted on the program pages.

Program Cancellation

Brown and CASA reserve the right to cancel a summer study abroad program due to low enrollment. Students should not book airline tickets or make other non-refundable arrangements until explicity instructed to do so. Any costs incurred in such a situation are the sole responsibility of the student.

Withdrawal & Refunds

Program deposits are non-refundable. All credit balances are subject to account review. Please be aware that many students incur additional fees while participating in the program. Therefore, refunds are typically processed 3 weeks after the completion of a program.

Students who withdraw before the program starts will forfeit their program deposit and may incur other withdrawal penalties depending on the withdrawal date. These penalties include costs incurred by Brown or CASA on the student’s behalf. Students should check with the OIP about specific financial penalties applicable to each summer program. Following the start of the program, students are not eligible for refunds unless there are serious, extenuating circumstances.  Students who are dismissed from a program due to violation of the code of conduct will not receive a refund. 

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