Office of International Programs

Travel Warning Policy

Students who plan academic-related travel or who intend to receive Brown funding for travel to a country designated as high-risk are required to submit a Supplementary Waiver and Acknowledgement Form to Brown’s Office of International Programs. By signing this form, you acknowledge that you are aware that the country is deemed as high-risk, have read the State Department recommendations, and you take personal responsibility for the associated risks.

Brown’s approval/support of the program of study/research is not granted unless the Supplementary Waiver and Acknowledgement Form is signed by you and a parent or legal guardian.

Please contact the Office of International Programs to receive the form and additional information about the high-risk travel policy.

Restricted Travel Clause

Brown may, at its discretion, restrict undergraduate study abroad or other university-sponsored undergraduate activity at sites where the severity of the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory is particularly acute. In these instances, Brown University will not approve undergraduate study abroad programs occurring therein, nor will the University sponsor undergraduate groups, or award fellowships, scholarships, or grants to undergraduates for travel to these locations.

Inquiries can be directed to the Office of International Programs.

Travel Restriction: Country List

  • Afghanistan
  • Central African Republic
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Mali
  • Niger
  • North Korea
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan, Republic of
  • Syria
  • Occupied Palestinian Territories (Gaza Strip)
  • Yemen

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