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OIP Peer: Betsy

Meet Betsy

Hometown: Pasadena, CA
Studied AbroadBrown in the UK (Queen Mary), Fall 2016; University of Edinburgh
Concentration: Literary Arts
Graduation: Spring 2019



Betsy’s Experience Abroad

Q: What was one of your most meaningful experiences while studying abroad?

A: I had a week off school in the fall and I took a train through Scotland to a tiny cottage in the Highlands to participate in a creative writing workshop. It was exhilarating navigating the Scottish train system on my own, and magical living in a candle-lit cottage.

Q: What was your favorite course abroad?

A: I took a playwriting class while I was in London. For homework, we had to watch plays and then discuss them at a pub afterwards. It was fascinating and fun, and a dream come true. 

Q: What do you miss about your time abroad?

A: I miss the independence and spontaneity. It could be 8 o’clock on a Wednesday night and you could run across town to catch a West End show at an incredibly discounted rate. Or, you could take a cheap flight to a different country and be back in time for class on Monday. 

Q: Describe something that surprised you while you were abroad.

A: Everyone is silent on the London Tube (aka the metro). There could be fifty people in a car and it would be absolutely quiet, even at rush hour. People would give you funny looks if you talked too loudly.

Q: What was your favorite food/recipe abroad?  

A. Chocolate is insanely popular in the U.K. You can buy it anywhere and there are more flavors than you can imagine. There’s an entire theme-park devoted to Cadbury chocolate.

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