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Peer Advisor: Brad

Meet Brad
Hometown: Turtle Lake, WI
Studied Abroad: Barcelona, Spain (junior fall)
Concentration: International Relations
Graduation: Spring 2013


Brad's Experience Abroad

Q: What do you miss most about your time abroad?
A: I miss conversations that happened outside of the program. I often encountered locals (vendors, students, professors) who were just as interested in sharing bits about their lives and cultures as hearing about mine. This was never a forced engagement or exchange; the attraction was that it happened naturally.

Q: Why did you decide to study abroad?
A: I’ve wanted to study abroad since my high school Spanish teacher told me with great excitement about when she lived in the Spanish province of Granada. I’m an international relations concentrator, which means I need to declare a country focus. I chose Spain, but Brown has not offered any courses that deal specifically with Spain’s economy or political arena. Studying abroad allowed me to achieve the level of detail that I desired in my studies.

Q: What was your favorite food while abroad?
A: Entrepà de xoriço en la Xampanyeria (chorizo sandwich at a local cava bar)

Q: Highlight from abroad?
A: Prior to studying in Barcelona, I worked on farms throughout the countryside. At the end of the summer I realized I hadn’t spoken a word of English in two weeks, which at the time was a significant achievement to me.

Q: What did you miss most about Brown while you were abroad?
A: I found it difficult to speak up in classes while abroad, at least more difficult than at Brown. Although I felt comfortable with conversational Spanish, making arguments in class added a layer of anxiety to speaking.

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