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Visa Instructions for Spring 2020 Students

In order to participate in the Brown program in Bologna, you must obtain a student visa prior to arrival in Italy, unless you are an Italian or EU citizen. Students who are traveling on their Italian or other EU passport do not need to obtain a student visa.

The Office of International Programs will be able to submit visa applications and documents on behalf of all students on the Brown program who either live or go to school in the area under the jurisdiction of the at the Italian Consulate in Boston (MA, ME, NH, RI, or VT).

Important Note: The group visa submission process can take up 3-4 weeks, and your passport will be unavailable to you during this time. If you are unable to get your materials to us by the deadline or if you will need access to your passport at any time from mid-November through mid-December (i.e. you are traveling internationally), it will be your responsibility to obtain the Italian visa on your own.

Not applying for a visa? If you are an Italian or EU citizen and will not need a visa for your semester in Italy, please let us know immediately.

Applying for your visa independently? Applying for your visa on your own will require additional documentation, as determined by the consulate where you are applying for your visa. The OIP can provide some of this documentation (such as a notarized letter of acceptance to the Brown program, confirmation of program housing and Italian insurance, and a letter of invitation/enrollment from the University of Bologna), but you will need to collect any other required documentation on your own.

  • You are responsible for confirming requirements with the consulate through which you intend to apply. Contact information for the Italian consulates in the US can be found here. Student visa application requirements for the Boston consulate can be found here.
  • You must schedule an appointment to apply for your visa. You must appear in person at the Italian consulate that has jurisdiction over your home address or over where you are attending college. You cannot apply for your visa more than 90 days before the start of the program. Therefore, you should schedule your appointment as soon as possible with the appropriate Italian consulate, for a date no earlier than November 4 (once we have received your letter of enrollment from the University of Bologna.)
  •  Please notify our office immediately if you will be applying for your student visa on your own, with the location and address of the consulate to which you are applying.
  • IMPORTANT: You must bring the invitation letter from the University of Bologna, which will be stamped with a seal from the Italian consulate when your visa is issued, with you to Italy.  

Applying for your visa through the OIP? The following requirements apply to students applying through OIP with the Italian Consulate in Boston onlyNon-Brown Students: If you reside in and/or attend college in MA, ME, NH, RI, or VT, you may apply for your visa as part of the group submission (see #5 below for additional documentation.)

1) Your original passport and one photocopy of the signature and photo page

  • Your passport must be valid at least 90 days beyond the projected expiration date of your visa.
  • If you do not currently have a passport, or your passport has expired, please apply for one or renew it immediately. Visit the US State Department website for passport information. We strongly recommend expedited service.
  • If you are an international student, you must provide a photocopy of your green card (front and back) or I-20 and F1 visa. If you are on an F1 visa, make sure it is valid for at least 3 months after the Bologna program ends.
  • Be sure that you have signed your passport and that there are two consecutive pages available for the visa. The consulate will not issue your visa if your passport is not signed.
2) One recent passport-size photograph in color; full front view on white background. Please write your name on the back of the photo and paper-clip it to your visa application (no tape, glue, or staples). This needs to be an original photo taken by a professional photo center; do not take or print this photo yourself.

  •  No glasses may be worn in the photo.
  •  CVS and FedEx Office Print & Ship Center offer passport-photo services.
  • Write your name of the back of the photo and use a paper clip to attach it to your visa application.
  •  Note: since you may need additional photos during your semester abroad, plan to have at least 6-8 passport-size photos taken. 

3) Visa application form (National Visa Form D) duly filled out and signed in blue ink. Please download a blank application from the Italian Consulate in Boston and download our sample application to help guide you as you complete the form.

4)  International Students Only: Proof of Residence in the USA A photocopy of your green card (front and back) or a valid I-20 and F-1 visa photocopies. If you are an F-1 student, your visa and travel signature on your I-20 must be valid for at least 90 days AFTER the end of the program. 

5)  Photocopy of student’s college ID or driver’s license (or state ID) and a letter from their Registrar's Office confirming their registration status at their home school. Brown University students may request an enrollment verification letter through the Registrar's Office.

6) Your round-trip flight itinerary showing the exact dates of entry into and exit from Italy.  

  • Your itinerary must be issued from a travel agency or an online travel service showing that you have purchased a round-trip ticket to and from Italy.
  • Your name must be printed by the travel agency/online travel services on this official itinerary, and it must indicate the border of entry into Italy.
  • If entering Italy by other means, you must provide your train reservation, car rental or ferry reservation. The reservation must reflect the name on the passport, and specify the exact border and date of entry into Italy.
7) Visa Application Fee

 The visa fee must be paid only by MONEY ORDER made out to the “Consulate General of Italy”. You cannot use cash, credit card, or personal checks.  The fee set by the Boston Consulate and valid October 1 – December 31, 2019 is $56.20. This fee is set quarterly and is not refundable.

Deadline for your materials (passport, visa application, visa fee, and supporting documents) to be received at the Office of International Programs by November 1. 

Please submit your materials via a secure, trackable delivery service to Office of International Programs, Brown University, Box 1973, Providence, RI 02912.

Street Address: Office of International Programs, Brown University, 69 Brown Street, Page-Robinson Hall, room 420, Providence, RI 02912

OR Hand deliver to: Office of International Programs, Page-Robinson Hall, room 420

Please make a copy of all forms submitted for your records.


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